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To be eligible for Segment 2, a student must have had their Level 1 Learner's License from the Secretary of State for at least 3 months, and have driven for at least 30 hours, at least 2 of those hours at night.

​If you have a paper permit, the issue date of the Level 1 Learner's License is the first 8 digits typed on the top left hand side of the permit.  If it was issued May 19, 2014, the first eight digits would read 05192014.  If you have a card permit, the issue date is the ISS DATE.  The student MUST have their Learner's License for at least 3 months on the 1st day of class to be eligible for the class.

The cost of Segment 2 is $50 paid in cash only.  A reservation in the class must be made ahead of time. The student will bring the registration form, Level 1 Learner's License, their driving log showing at least 30 hours of driving (at least 2 of those at night), and the $50 in cash the first night of class.

The student must be in class all 3 nights.  There are no make up classes for Segment 2.


Davison classroom:  1086 N. Irish Rd. Ste 5,
north of Court St. in the Stone House Farm Plaza
Fenton office and classroom: 14160 N. Fenton Rd., 
at the corner of Fenton Rd and Garnet Rd.

Fenton office 810.354.8386

Segment 2 Schedules

After you reserve a seat in a class online, please check your email (and Spam folder) for the registration form and instructions.

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