Grand Blanc office and classroom:
5452 Perry Rd, Grand Blanc, MI, corner of Perry & Belsay 
Davison classroom:  1086 N. Irish Rd. Ste 5,
north of Court St. in the Stone House Farm Plaza
Fenton classroom: 14160 N. Fenton Rd., 
at the corner of Fenton Rd and Garnet Rd.

Fenton office 810.354.8386

27. What if I am scheduled for a class or drive and the weather is bad?

     If the weather is bad, we may reschedule class.  Check your email and phone.  We will try to send an email as well as call all students or parents to inform them of the change.  If voice mails are not set up or full, we may send a text.  We try our best to contact everyone in a timely fashion.

​     If we have not rescheduled class, please use your own judgement and be safe.  If you feel the driving conditions are too bad, and you need to miss a Segment 1 class, then you can make that class up at another time.  If you will be missing a Segment 2 class, be aware that we do not offer make up classes and you will only be able to make up the class when we have available seating in another Segment 2 class.  

    The instructor will decide if the road conditions are conducive for instruction.  But again, you should use your own judgement and be safe.  If you feel you need to cancel the drive due to bad weather, please let the instructor know as soon as possible.  You can find their phone numbers listed on the student's workbook.  Please do not call the office unless it's during office hours as Marie is the only one that answers this phone and the instructor will not get the message in a timely manner.

​     Please note: if the local schools are closed, it does NOT mean that our classes are canceled.  The roads are usually cleared by the time we hold class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do I need to be to be in driver’s education?

     You need to be at least 14 years, 8 months old on the FIRST day of class to be in driver’s education.

2. What if I am over 18?

     Not a problem! You can still take a Segment 1 class if you want. In Segment 1 you would receive 24 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours behind-the-wheel training. As an adult, you are not required to take any driver’s education classes. You are required to go to the Secretary of State and get a Temporary Instruction Permit. Here is a link to the Secretary of State’s website with that information:

23. What if I need more behind-the-wheel training for the road test?

     We offer one-on-one behind-the-wheel training at a cost of $40 for a one hour session for teens and adults.  For an adult to get on our schedule, you would need to come into the office and sign the contract, show us your Temporary Instruction Permit from the Secretary of State, and pay for the first hour.

24. When can I get my license?

     Once you have passed your road test and turned 16 you can get your license.

25. What if I have more questions?

     You can contact us by email at allsafedriversed@yahoo.com or call the office during office hours (Monday-Friday, 10 am – 2 pm) at 810.606.0094

26. What if I want the answers NOW!?

     The State of Michigan’s website is a veritable font of information! Try these links:

You are now able to drive with any licensed adult over the age of 21 that your parents/guardians designate.

13. When can I take Segment 2?

     You are eligible to take Segment 2 once you have had your Learner’s Permit (Level 1 License) for at least 3 months and driven at least 30 hours, 2 of those at night.   The State now requires that we see your driver's log to take Segment 2.

14. What is the cost for Segment 2?

     Segment 2 is $40 and paid on the first night of class in cash.

15. When do I sign up for Segment 2?

     Please wait until you have driven at least 25 hours before scheduling your class. Make sure you are scheduling the class for at least 3 months past when you received your Learner’s Permit (Level 1 License) from the Secretary of State.

16. How can I tell when I received my Level 1 License?

     Look for the very first 8 digit number on the left hand side of the license at the very top. This 8 digit number is the date the Level 1 License was issued.

17. How long is Segment 2?

     Segment 2 is 6 hours in the classroom done over 3 days, 2 hours each day.

18. Is there driving involved in Segment 2 class?

     No, there is not.

19. Do I have to be in the class all 3 days?

     There are no make-up days for Segment 2 like there is for Segment 1. Please only schedule a class if you know you will be able to make all 3 days. If you have scheduled a class and need to cancel it, please notify the office as there is usually a wait list for Segment 2.

20. What happens after Segment 2?

     Once you have finished the class and passed the written test, you will receive a Segment 2 Certificate of Completion.

21. When can I take my road test?

     Once you've had your Level 1 License for at least 6 months, driven 50 hours at least 10 of those at night, and taken Segment 2, you are then eligible for the road test.  You do not need to be 16 to take the road test.  The certificate you receive when you pass your road test is good for one year.

22. Can we take the road test with you?

At this time we do not do road tests. Unique Driving Testers is in the Grand Blanc area, their phone number is 810.694.8815. Other road testers can be found here:

If you want to just do behind-the-wheel training, we can do that as well on an hourly basis. We can tailor each lesson based on what you need. You must have the Temporary Instruction Permit for us to instruct you in the vehicle whether you are doing the Segment 1 class or just the behind-the-wheel training.

3. What does Segment 1 consist of?

     Segment 1 consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours behind-the-wheel training, and 4 hours of observation (where you are in the back seat observing someone else being taught to drive.) The workbook we provide is also a requirement of the course. The classroom is 2 hours per day. Each drive is 1 hour. Each observation (sometimes called a “shadow”) is 1 hour.

4. What is the cost for Segment 1?

     Segment 1 is $325 if paid by cash or check, $335 if paid with credit or debit card.

5. How does the payment plan work?

     We expect at least $200, cash or check, the first day of class, and the remaining $125, in cash, before the end of the course. Any payment made after the class starts needs to be made in cash.

6. What if I can’t make it to one of the classes?

     We hold classes on a consistent basis so if you have to miss a day of class, you can make it up in another one of our classes. Everyone has to have 24 hours of classroom instruction.   ​No make up classes are possible until restrictions on classes have been lifted.  Please attend all scheduled classes.

7. Can I take 2 classes in one day?

     No, Michigan limits the amount of time in the classroom to 2 hours per day, which is one class.

8. Can I do more than one drive a day?

     Michigan limits teen behind-the-wheel instruction to 1 hour per day. Adults are not limited.

9. Why 4 hours of observation?

     Observations are important because when you are in the driver’s seat, you may not fully comprehend what the instructor is saying, or more importantly, why. If you are observing someone else being taught to drive, it is easier to understand the instructions and the purpose of certain maneuvers when you don’t have the stress of actually having to do the maneuver.

10. Can I do more than one observation a day?

     Yes, there is no limit on the number of observations or how often they are done.

11. Will I finish my drives before I finish the classroom?

     Not necessarily. You, as the student, are in charge of scheduling your own drives. If your schedule limits your availability, it might take you longer to get all your drives done. In the summer, or when our classes are full, it might take longer also. We will always try our best to accommodate even the busiest student.

12. What happens after Segment 1?

     When all requirements of Segment 1 have been met; 

  • 24 hours of classroom
  • 6 hours behind-the-wheel training
  • 4 hours of observation
  • completion of the workbook
  • passed the written test
  • and paid for the class in full

you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You and your parent/guardian will go to the Secretary of State at that time to get the Learner’s Permit (Level 1 License). Information regarding the ID requirements to take to the Secretary of State can be found here: