John Peplinski

John has worked for AllSafe since 2011. He is a valued member of our staff and we wish there were more instructors out there like him. His students love him and that says a lot about an instructor.

Meet our wonderful instuctors and staff!

We are committed to providing a positive learning environment to ensure our students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be responsible and safe drivers. 

Lorrice Miles is the Senior Instructor at AllSafe, and has been with the company since 2009. Her dedication to the students continues to be a great asset. She lays the foundation for them to become safe drivers and goes the extra mile whenever necessary.

Many of our staff have been, or are currently working as, educators in local schools or other capacities. Staff instructors include Ronnie Lofton, John Peplinski, Mike Warren, Adam Cassell, Marie James, Dan Morey, Sgt. Chris Miller, Chris Lewis, Ken Elrich, and Rick Strauss. 

Don Morgan

Don is a special education teacher that has been a driving instructor for many years. We are excited to have him choose AllSafe to instruct!
Marie James
Office Manager/Instructor/

Marie has worked for AllSafe since May 2007, taking off 2013 for personal reasons, and is very happy to be back in the Office Manager position.

Great customer service is Marie's goal. All students and parents should leave AllSafe having had the best experience possible.


Grand Blanc office and classroom:
5452 Perry Rd, Grand Blanc, MI, corner of Perry & Belsay 
Davison classroom:  1086 N. Irish Rd. Ste 5,
north of Court St. in the Stone House Farm Plaza
Fenton classroom: 14160 N. Fenton Rd., 
at the corner of Fenton Rd and Garnet Rd.

Fenton office 810.354.8386

Chris Lewis

We're so excited to introduce Chris Lewis.  Chris recently retired from Carman-Ainsworth Middle School where he taught Music (instrumental & vocal).  He has already demonstrated what an awesome driver's ed instructor he is in both the classroom and vehicle.  You will see his smiling face in our newest location in Fenton.
Ronnie Lofton

Ronnie has worked for AllSafe since 2011.  He has a laid-back style that is wonderfully soothing to those who may be anxious when they begin driving.  He wants his students to do well and isn't afraid to make things interesting to keep the students focused in class.

Adam Cassel

Adam started with AllSafe in 2016 and  has been a teacher for many years in the Carman-Ainsworth District.  He is easy going yet professional.  He's become a very valuable member of our team.

What you've said:

"I want to thank the staff at AllSafe for your excellent instruction and kindness.  My son had a great experience at AllSafe!" - Cindy

Dan Morey

Dan comes to us from the Grand Blanc Driver's Education Program where he had taught for 5 years.  He started with AllSafe in the summer of 2016 and the students were very excited to have him as their instructor.  

Rick Strauss

Rick not only has an education background but a truck driving background as well.  We feel he will give a great perspective to his students.  He has a degree in Transportation Management and taught truck driving at Baker College for 8 years .  After bringing his son to our class, he also felt he would like to join our team.  We are very happy that he has.

Adam teaching the June 15th 8 am class.

Sgt. Chris Miller

We're so happy to have Sergeant Chris Miller.  Chris works for the Oakland County Sherriff's Department and is committed to helping students become great drivers!  His students describe him as funny and informative.

Lorrice is shown here with our former Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, and her daughter.  We had the honor of being chosen to teach Ms. Johnson's daughter to drive!

Our staff is growing! Introducing our newest instructors:

Mike Warren

Mike joined us in 2013 and we are very happy that he did.  He is a great instructor and a wonderful member of our team.

Ken Elrich

Ken is a local business owner and disabled veteran who likes to branch out into many areas.  He comes to us with a wide range of knowledge and experience.  He has held his CDL Class A license and been a truck driver for over 20 years.  After bringing his daughter to our class, he decided he would like to join our team and we are so glad as he has already shown great commitment to the program.  
Lorrice Miles
Sr. Instructor/Co-owner

Lorrice has worked for AllSafe since 2009 when she brought her son in for Segment 1. 

She loves her students and is anxious for them to be the best that they can.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and hard working, she goes that extra mile that really shows she cares.

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