FentonNov. 7th - 22ndWeekdays (FULL)5:30 - 7:30 pm
FentonNov. 28th - Dec. 15thMondays thru Thursdays  (FULL)
5:30 - 7:30 pm
FentonJan. 9th - 26thMondays thru Thursdays  (Filling w/wait list)5:30 - 7:30 pm
Feb. 6th - 23rdMondays thru Thursdays  (Filling w/wait list)
5:30 - 7:30 pm
March 6th - 23rdMondays thru Thursdays  (Filling w/wait list)6:30 - 8:30 pm
Nov. 7th - 22nd
Weekdays (FULL)
7 - 9 pm
Dec. 5th - 22ndMondays thru Thursdays (FULL)5 - 7 pm
DavisonJan. 3rd - 26thTues/Wed/Thurs (Filling w/wait list)7 - 9pm
DavisonJan. 30th - Feb. 16thMondays thru Thursdays (Filling w/wait list)
5 - 7 pm
DavisonFeb. 27th - Mar. 16thMondays thru Thursdays (Filling w/wait list)

Cost of Segment 1 is $350 if you pay by cash or check.  

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Check out class descriptions, schedules, and our online reservations system

Severe Weather Policy:  If we have to reschedule class due to weather, you will see it on the website first.  We will email or text all students/parents. We may call those that do not respond to the email/text. 

If we cancel a scheduled class, we will not be holding drives that day.

If you have a drive scheduled on a day that class is not cancelled, the instructor will contact you if they think it is unsafe to drive.  Please let us know right away if you can not make it because of the weather.  Remember, if WE don't teach your student to drive in the snow, YOU will have to!

​Policies regarding  drives and missed drive fees:

Your student is now mature enough to drive a car.  We expect your student to also be mature enough to schedule their own drives, and to show up for when they have scheduled the drives.  It is up to them to communicate with you about when they have scheduled the drives.  We schedule with the students during class, so it is a good idea to give them an idea of when they shouldn't schedule a drive.  We encourage the students to take pictures of the schedules so they have the instructors name and phone number, as well as being able to see what they have signed up for.  

Be aware that we will always try to be on time for a drive, as you should be, but sometimes traffic or an inexperienced driver will make us late.  Please wait for your drive.  You can contact the instructor, but they might not be able to get back with you immediately.

There is a missed drive fee of $25 if a student fails to show up for the drive, cancels with less than 24 hours, or we cannot do a drive because the waiver was not signed and there was not a 3rd person available for the drive.

Segment 1 classes are being filled through our wait list at this time.  Email with student name, birthdate, parent's cell #, and location (Davison or Fenton) to join the wait list for a 2023 class.

Please check below or our FAQ page for our Severe Weather Policy

All of our classes are in person. 

We  have availability in our Segment 2 classes.  Please check the schedule here: 

After reserving a seat in a class, please check your email (and Spam folder) for the registration forms and instructions.

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Davison classroom:  1086 N. Irish Rd. Ste 5,
north of Court St. in the Stone House Farm Plaza
Fenton classroom: 14160 N. Fenton Rd., 
at the corner of Fenton Rd and Garnet Rd.

Fenton office 810.354.8386